Top 10 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell for Low or No Cost

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CleaningLiving in your home while trying to sell your home can be a challenge but when it’s presented at it’s best you will have the best chances of selling your home for it’s true value. A well presented home appeals to more buyers, sells faster, and for a higher price. You have all the control over how your property is perceived and can maximize its value in the eyes of a buyer. So, when funds are limited but you want to get your home in ‘like new’ condition, consider these tips for low or no cost but yield great results!


10  POWER WASH – Nothing says clean like a fresh power washing. Focus on the driveway and walkways and other hard surfaces, taking care not to power wash the paint of your house or trim off the windows! (under $50 to rent a power washer)

9  REPAIR ANY ROOF LEAKS – One of the most common items found during a home inspection is an area where the roof leaks especially near the chimney or other pipes in the roof. Repair the leaks and patch the shingles where needed. A little effort here can save you stress during the home inspection and thousands of dollars in a buyer asking for a new roof. (under $300 if the repairs are minor – $4000 – $12000 for a new roof)

8  STOP THE DRIP – tighten the connections or repairs any outdoor or indoor faucets or shower heads that drip. (under $200 to replace faucets, less if the joints just need tightening)

7  SEAL OR REPAIR CRACKS – From exterior cracks in the foundation, windows and trip to interior cracks in drywall or basement walls, seal up the cracks. Major cracks should be properly repaired to prevent a major finding in a home inspection. (under $100 to caulk minor cracks)

6 ELIMINATE ODORS – From pet, smoke, cooking, mildew, and fireplace odors to over powering candle and room scents,  no person wants to purchase a home that doesn’t have a fresh natural smell. Clean the kitty litter daily and before a showing. If you smoke in your home, stop and take it outside while you are trying to sell. Smoke smells linger everywhere and opening a window doesn’t pull out the smell. To eliminate smoke, cooking and mildew smells bleach the walls, paint with Kilz to seal the smell out, you may also need to treat the ceilings. ( $0 to clean, under $400 to apply Kilz)

5 PAINT – A fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost effective ways to bring your home a fresh new appearance, cover up stains and nicks and get rid of outdated color schemes. Go for neutral colors with an offset color that is not too bold or loud. Your local Sherwin Williams or professional paint store can help select a color scheme and finish. (under $500)

4  NEW CARPETS & FLOORS – Replacing carpet is another top priority for biggest impact for the cost. Select a neutral color and replace throughout. At the very least they should be steam cleaned to remove dirt, stains and odors. Hardwood and tile floors should be properly cleaned to bring them back to life. There are products for wood floors that can freshen them up without a full refinishing. Tile floors should have the grout cleaned and resealed. (under $800)

3 CURB APPEAL – Buyers will choose, or not choose, your home based on the primary (front) photo of your home as it’s presented through online advertising. Focus on the landscaping, walk ways and appearance of the front door. Edge the lawn or walk way. Straighten your house numbers and mail box. Repaint the door, trim porch area as needed. If the buyer chooses to come see your home, more often than not, they will ‘drive by’. Sit in your car and consider what should or shouldn’t be in view. Never sell a car in your front yard while you are trying to sell your home. Have your kids pick up the bikes and toys out of the front yard daily. Make sure your porch lights are working. Mow your yard a little more often and keep up with flower beds. (under $300)

2 DECLUTTER – Apply this to all areas of the house, garage, outbuildings and yard. Remove most if not all personal items such as photos, family portraits on the wall, trophies and anything that would distract the buyer from looking at the house. Us the old saying ‘Less is More’. Remove selected furniture to open up a room. Clear off counter tops, shelves, book cases, knick-knacks and create open spaces. This goes for closets, basements and storage areas. The rule of thumb should be 1/3 full. Years of collected items, stored boxes, over filled garages etc. turn off buyers and makes them think the home will be too small for them too. ($0, but can take some time)

1 CLEAN – I like the saying “Clean like you have never cleaned before”. It’s impossible to be too clean when you are selling your home. Top to bottom cleaning, this includes light fixtures and change the light bulbs. Wash windows, doors, cupboards, walls, furniture, sinks, floors, grout, tubs & showers, stove, garage, laundry area, office space, fireplace, basement ceilings & floors, everywhere and everything, inside and out. (under $50 for cleaning supplies, but will take time)


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